In October 2006 we have been stolen 157 guitars!

In February 2012 Rick and Justin Harrison (Music Ground) have been convicted for handling part of my stolen guitars!

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Marca Modello Anno prod. Colore Tastiera Particolari Stato Custodia
KAY De Luxe 1963 brown rosewood excellent gig bag
ZERO-SETTE S.body bass mid sixties  sunburst rosewood excellent priv. coll. no case
FRAMUS Swedish bass  late fifties gold rosewood Original hardware very good no case
HAGSTROM 8 string bass 1968 cherry red rosewood   excellent no case
SILVERTONE 1444 early 60's black rosewood   excellent no case
STEINBERGER XL 2A eighties black graphite ex Red Canzian of POOH excellent   original gig bag
EKO Violin bass (995) mid sixties light brown rosewood   excellent+   OHC
AMPEG - DAN ARMSTRONG Lucite bass 1970 transparent plexyglas rosewood Autographed by the late John Entwistle  'The WHO' excellent priv. coll. HC
MOSRITE The Ventures mid 60's sunburst rosewood   excellent   no case
RICKENBACKER 4005 1967 black sparkle rosewood   very good+   HC
GIBSON EB 3 1974 walnut rosewood   excellent   OHC
FENDER Jazzbass 1973 natural maple   excellent   OHC
FENDER Jazzbass 1973 natural maple   excellent+   OHC
RICKENBACKER 4005 1967 Fireglo rosewood Rose Morris series excellent   HC
GIBSON EB 0 1969 walnut rosewood short scale  slotted headstock excellent   OHC
RICKENBACKER 4001 1980 Azurglo rosewood   excellent   OHC
DANELECTRO 6 string bass 1956 Black rosewood ex Al Cajola (autographed + letter) excellent a piece of history! OHC + original gig bag
FENDER Telecaster Bass 1968 Sunburst maple   excellent   HC
FENDER Telecaster Bass 1968 Blonde maple   excellent+   OHC
GIBSON EB 3 1965 Cherry rosewood Jack Bruce specifications excellent   OHC
DANELECTRO Short Horn 1962 Copper rosewood   excellent   OHC
FENDER Telecaster Bass 1969 Blonde maple   excellent-   OHC
DANELECTRO Long Horn Bass 1962 Bronze & White Sunburst rosewood   excellent   OHC
DANELECTRO 6 String Long Horn Baritone Guitar 1959 Bronze & White Sunburst rosewood   excellent   HC
BIGSON 4 string bass mid 60's Sunburst rosewood asimmetrical Italian bizarre guitar excellent   no case
CORAL Wasp Baritone Guitar late 60's Sunburst rosewood   excellent   no case
FENDER Jazzbass 1969 Olympic White rosewood   excellent   OHC
HOFNER Violin Bass 1964 Sunburst rosewood scratchplate missing excellent-   Modern OHC
RICKENBACKER 4001 1977 Autumnglo rosewood   excellent   HC
FENDER JazzBass 1965 Fiesta Red rosewood matching peg-head unbound neck - no solder joint broken excellent   OHC
FENDER Jazzbass 1980 Sunburst maple   excellent   HC
BUXOM 4 string bass mid 60's Red rosewood Made by Eko after Kadett bass - Eko serial number on back plate excellent   no case
MEAZZI Hollywood by Panati early 60's Brown Marble rosewood   excellent   no case
JACKSON Violin Bass mid 60's Tobacco Sunburst rosewood   good   no case
GIBSON EB 1 1956 Brown Stain rosewood   near mint   OHC
ALEMBIC Stanley Special 1996 Curley Maple ebony   near mint   OHC
FENDER P.Bass 1968 Sunburst rosewood   excellent   OHC
FENDER Jazzbass 1973 Olympic White maple   excellent+   HC
FENDER P.Bass 1978 Black maple   excellent   HC
MUSIC MAN Sting Ray 1978 Natural maple   very good+   HC
MUSIC MAN Sting Ray 5 2006 Honeyburst maple BassLine pickup excellent   gig bag